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On Ubuntu 12.04.4 I installed Docker 1.1.2. I have tried various attempts at setting the image id using:

sudo docker run -i -t --name=container1 ubuntu date

However, my attempts seem to fail. Every time I do a docker ps -a the image id has been randomized. I can set the hostname if I add -h container1 but I want to set the image id. What am I missing here? Thanks!

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Suggestion: 1

Sorry for the late response, I’m on version 1.1.2 myself now and the correct way of naming your container is as follows:

sudo docker run --name="testname" image command

testname is the name you want to give the container.

Have fun dockering!

Suggestion: 2

Doesn’t -name container1 work? I guess it should equal to --name=container1 (I don’t have a Docker instance near me to try out), but you never know.

Suggestion: 3

sudo docker run -i -t –name container1 ubuntu date

As used in this example:

Suggestion: 4

Is it possible this is just a misconception between the container name and container ID? The container ID will always be a random hash. There is a separate column for the container name:

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                             COMMAND                CREATED             STATUS                     PORTS               NAMES
3109b5cbbee2        firehoseprivate_firehose:latest   /bin/sh -c 'bundle e   17 hours ago        Exited (-1) 17 hours ago          firehoseprivate_firehose_1

In this example, I have started the container using:

docker run --name firehoseprivate_firehose_1 firehoseprivate_firehose

The name column gets set to the name I specified. But it still gets a unique ID for reference. You can reference the container either by name or ID. For example:

docker inspect firehoseprivate_firehose_1


docker inspect 3109b5cbbee2

Are both valid.