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Enlarging an EC2 instance is easy like a breath (for instance, create an AMI, launch an instance from it and then change the storage size).

But reducing it becomes more difficult. I’d like to reduce an Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 instance Elastic Block Store (EBS) root volume size. There are a couples of old high level procedures on the net. The more detailed version I found is a one year old answer on a StackOverflow question: how to can i reduce my ebs volume capacity, steps have a pretty high level:

Create a new EBS volume that is the desired size (e.g. /dev/xvdg)

Launch an instance, and attach both EBS volumes to it

Check the file system (of the original root volume): (e.g.) e2fsck -f /dev/xvda1

Maximally shrink the original root volume: (e.g. ext2/3/4) resize2fs -M -p /dev/xvda1

Copy the data over with dd:

  • Choose a chunk size (I like 16MB)

  • Calculate the number of chunks (using the number of blocks from the resize2fs output): blocks*4/(chunk_size_in_mb*1024) – round up a bit for safety

  • Copy the data: (e.g.) dd if=/dev/xvda1 ibs=16M of=/dev/xvdg obs=16M count=80

Resize the filesystem on the new (smaller) EBS volume: (e.g.) resize2fs -p /dev/xvdg

Check the file system (of the original root volume): (e.g.) e2fsck -f /dev/xvdg

Detach your new EBS root volume, and attach it to your original instance

I’m unable to find a detailed step by step “how to” solution.

My EBS root volume is attached to a HVM Ubuntu instance.

Any help would be really appreciated.

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Suggestion: 1

None of the other solutions will work if the volume is used as a root (bootable) device.

The newly created disk is missing the boot partition, so it would need to have GRUB installed and some flags set up correctly before an instance can use it as a root volume.

My (as of today, working) solution for shrinking a root volume is:

Background: We have an instance A, whose root volume we want to shrink. Let’s call this volume VA. We want to shrink VA from 30GB to let’s say 10GB