Scenario / Questions

When trying to remove the user, it returns “user is currently logged in”.
I already killed the user using pkill -KILL -u usernameHere and several other commands, but it does not help.

How can I remove this user?

Running CentOS 6.

Find below all possible solutions or suggestions for the above questions..

Suggestion: 1

SU to the user su - username and run kill -9 -1 as the user.

Exit the shell and try the userdel -r username again.

Or you can check for processes from the user using lsof -u username and kill the relevant PIDs.

Or pkill -u username or pkill -u uid

Suggestion: 2

Or ps aux | grep <username> and kill the processes the user is running.

Suggestion: 3

If the above steps doesn’t help.! (Assuming you are using on the runlevel 5 )

  1. Change the runlevel to 3 ( init 3 )
  2. log-in with other than deleting account to delete ( root/other account)
  3. userdel -r username

Suggestion: 4

I try the steps to del the user1

  1. su user1

  2. kill -9 -1

  3. su

  4. sudo deluser user1