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The vmware_guest is the newer module. I’ve been playing around with the vsphere_guest module, but facing some issues.

There is not the much information on the internet and the documentation doesn’t tell me either. Functionality seems fairly similar.

What is the main differences between vsphere_guest and vmware_guest and which Ansible module should I use?

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Suggestion: 1

vsphere_guest is based on outdated PySphere library and is available since Ansible 1.6.

vmware_guest (and bunch of other vmware_... companion modules) is based on modern pyVmomi library from VMware and was introduced in Ansible 2.2.

vsphere_guest is stable, but will never get any updates.
vmware_guest is new (read, may have some bugs) and will get updates (some new features are already planned for Ansible 2.3).

If you are in older environment use vsphere_guest, otherwise adopt vmware_guest.