10 Must-Have Ansible Modules for Windows Management

10 Must-Have Ansible Modules for Windows Management

In the ever-evolving landscape of IT infrastructure management, automation has become a crucial component for efficiency and scalability. Ansible, an open-source automation tool, has gained immense popularity for its simplicity and effectiveness. When it comes to Windows management, Ansible provides a range of modules that empower administrators to streamline tasks and enhance productivity. This article explores ten must-have Ansible modules for effective Windows management, providing insights, commands, and step-by-step instructions.

1. win_command

The win_command module enables the execution of Windows commands, much like the command module for Unix-based systems. This versatile module allows you to run any command on a Windows machine directly from your Ansible playbook.


- name: Execute a basic command
win_command: Get-Service

2. win_shell

For more complex PowerShell scripts and commands, the win_shell module is indispensable. It allows the seamless integration of PowerShell into your Ansible playbook, providing a powerful tool for Windows automation.


- name: Run a PowerShell script
win_shell: |
$service = Get-Service -Name "wuauserv"
Restart-Service $service

3. win_service

Managing Windows services is a common administrative task. The win_service module simplifies this process by allowing you to start, stop, and configure Windows services effortlessly.


- name: Ensure a service is running
name: wuauserv
state: started

4. win_updates

Keeping Windows systems up-to-date is crucial for security and performance. The win_updates module automates the process of checking for and installing updates.


- name: Ensure all updates are installed
- SecurityUpdates
- UpdateRollups

5. win_feature

Managing Windows features is made easy with the win_feature module. Whether it's adding or removing features, this module simplifies the process.


- name: Install Telnet Client feature
name: Telnet-Client
state: present

6. win_reg_stat

The Windows registry is a critical component of system configuration. The win_reg_stat module allows you to query the registry for information.


- name: Check registry for a specific key
path: HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall
name: DisplayName

7. win_group

Managing local groups on Windows machines is simplified with the win_group module. This module enables the creation and management of Windows groups.


- name: Create a new local group
name: AnsibleUsers
state: present

8. win_user

Similar to managing groups, the win_user module facilitates the creation and management of user accounts on Windows systems.


- name: Create a new user
name: jdoe
password: Passw0rd!
state: present

9. win_file

File manipulation on Windows systems is made straightforward with the win_file module. This module allows you to create, delete, and modify files and directories.


- name: Create a new file
path: C:\Tempxample.txt
state: touch

10. win_template

Lastly, the win_template module brings the power of Jinja2 templates to Windows configuration management, allowing dynamic configuration file generation.


- name: Create a custom configuration file
src: templates/config_template.j2
dest: C:\Config