How to Configure AWS Lambda Reserved Concurrency?

How to Configure AWS Lambda Reserved Concurrency?

AWS Lambda is a powerful serverless computing service that allows developers to run code without provisioning or managing servers. One of the key features of AWS Lambda is the ability to control the concurrency of your functions. In this article, we will delve into the details of configuring AWS Lambda Reserved Concurrency, a setting that ensures a specific number of concurrent executions for a given function.

Understanding AWS Lambda Concurrency:
Before we delve into configuring Reserved Concurrency, let's briefly understand AWS Lambda concurrency. Concurrency refers to the number of executions of a function happening at any given time. By default, AWS Lambda allows as many concurrent executions as needed, but there are scenarios where you might want to control this to manage resources effectively.

Configuring Reserved Concurrency:

Step 1: Navigate to AWS Lambda Console:
Go to the AWS Lambda Console and log in to your AWS account.

Step 2: Select the Function:
Choose the Lambda function for which you want to configure Reserved Concurrency.

Step 3: Access Concurrency Settings:
Scroll down to the "Function overview" section, and you will find the "Concurrency" card. Click on "Edit" to access the configuration settings.

Step 4: Set Reserved Concurrency:
In the "Concurrency" settings, you will find an option to set "Reserved Concurrency." Enter the desired number of concurrent executions that you want to reserve for this function.

Step 5: Save Changes:
After setting the Reserved Concurrency, click "Save" to apply the changes.


To verify the changes, you can use the AWS Lambda Console or the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI).

CLI Command:

aws lambda get-function-configuration --function-name YourFunctionName

Replace YourFunctionName with the actual name of your Lambda function. Look for the "ReservedConcurrentExecutions" parameter in the output.

Additional Considerations:

  1. Auto Scaling and Reserved Concurrency:
    Keep in mind that if you have configured auto-scaling for your Lambda function, the reserved concurrency will be respected within the configured limits.

  2. Monitoring and Observability:
    Utilize AWS CloudWatch metrics to monitor the concurrency and performance of your Lambda functions.

Configuring AWS Lambda Reserved Concurrency provides a way to control the number of concurrent executions for your functions, ensuring optimal resource utilization. Whether you need to manage costs, prevent resource exhaustion, or meet specific performance requirements, Reserved Concurrency gives you the flexibility to fine-tune your serverless architecture.

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