What Language is Used in OutSystems?

What Language is Used in OutSystems?

OutSystems is a low-code development platform that empowers organizations to rapidly build and deploy applications with minimal hand-coding. One common question that arises among developers and IT professionals is, "What language is used in OutSystems?" In this article, we'll delve into the language aspects of OutSystems to provide a comprehensive understanding of the underlying technologies.

Understanding OutSystems Architecture:

Before diving into the specific language used, it's essential to grasp the architecture of OutSystems. OutSystems follows a visual development approach where most of the coding is abstracted, making it a low-code platform. The primary goal is to streamline the development process and minimize the need for traditional coding languages.

OutSystems Language:

OutSystems primarily uses a visual language known as "Visual Development Language" or VDL. This language is designed to be intuitive, allowing developers to create applications through a drag-and-drop interface. VDL enables users to define business logic, create data models, and design user interfaces without writing extensive code.

Components of Visual Development Language:

  1. Logic:
    In OutSystems, you can define the application's logic using visual workflows. These workflows consist of a series of connected blocks representing different actions and conditions. Developers can easily set up conditions, loops, and integrate with external services through this visual interface.

    If (Condition)
    Execute Action 1
    Execute Action 2
  2. Data Models:
    Creating and managing data models is a crucial aspect of application development. In OutSystems, developers can define data structures through a visual interface, specifying entities, attributes, and relationships. This is done without having to write SQL queries or database scripts.

    Entity: Customer
    - Attribute: Name (Text)
    - Attribute: Email (Email)
  3. User Interface:
    The visual language extends to the design of user interfaces. Through a drag-and-drop interface, developers can create responsive and engaging user interfaces without delving into HTML or CSS code.

    Button: Submit
    Validate Form
    If Valid
    Save Data
    Show Error Message

Extending Functionality with Traditional Languages:

While OutSystems primarily relies on visual development, there might be cases where you need to integrate custom code or external components. In such scenarios, OutSystems supports traditional languages like JavaScript for front-end customization and integration with RESTful APIs.

// JavaScript code example
function validateForm() {
// Custom validation logic
// ...

So, OutSystems uses a Visual Development Language (VDL) as its primary language for application development. This low-code approach accelerates the development process, allowing users to focus on business logic and user experience rather than writing extensive code. However, the flexibility of OutSystems also allows developers to integrate traditional languages when needed.

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