How to Pull PostgreSQL Image from Docker Hub?

How to Pull PostgreSQL Image from Docker Hub?

In the dynamic realm of containerization, Docker has emerged as a go-to platform for packaging, distributing, and running applications within isolated environments called containers. One of the key advantages of Docker is the availability of a vast repository called Docker Hub, where users can find and share container images seamlessly. If you are venturing into the world of PostgreSQL and Docker, this guide will walk you through the process of pulling a PostgreSQL image from Docker Hub.

Getting Started:

Before diving into the steps, ensure that you have Docker installed on your system. If not, you can download it from the official Docker website ( and follow the installation instructions.

Commands to Pull PostgreSQL Image:

To pull the PostgreSQL image from Docker Hub, you need to use the docker pull command. Open your terminal or command prompt and execute the following command:

docker pull postgres

This command instructs Docker to fetch the latest version of the PostgreSQL image from the official repository on Docker Hub. If you want a specific version, you can specify it in the command, like this:

docker pull postgres:12

Replace '12' with the desired version number.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Open Terminal/Command Prompt:
    Launch your terminal or command prompt on your system. Ensure that Docker is running.

  2. Execute the Pull Command:
    Type the appropriate docker pull command based on your preference (latest or a specific version) and hit enter.

  3. Wait for Download:
    Docker will now download the PostgreSQL image from Docker Hub. The time it takes depends on your internet speed.

  4. Verify the Download:
    Once the download is complete, you can verify the presence of the PostgreSQL image by using the following command:

    docker images

    This command displays a list of images on your system, and you should see the PostgreSQL image in the list.

More Examples:

  • Pulling a specific minor version:

    docker pull postgres:12.4
  • Pulling a specific major version:

    docker pull postgres:13

Congratulations! You have successfully pulled the PostgreSQL image from Docker Hub. This image can now be used to create PostgreSQL containers for your applications, databases, or development environments. Docker simplifies the process of managing and deploying databases, offering flexibility and consistency across various environments.

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