How to Setup SSH in GCP?

How to Setup SSH in GCP?

In the vast landscape of cloud computing, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) stands out as a robust and versatile option for businesses and developers alike. Secure Shell (SSH) is a fundamental tool for accessing and managing virtual machines (VMs) in the cloud. In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of setting up SSH in Google Cloud Platform, ensuring a secure and efficient connection to your virtual instances.

Step 1: Accessing the Google Cloud Console

To begin, navigate to the Google Cloud Console at Sign in with your Google account and select the desired project where you want to set up SSH.

Step 2: Navigating to Compute Engine

In the left-hand navigation pane, find and select "Compute Engine" under the "Compute" section. This will take you to the Compute Engine dashboard.

Step 3: Creating a Virtual Machine

If you haven't already created a virtual machine, click the "Create" button to initiate the VM creation process. Fill in the required information such as instance name, region, machine type, and so on.

Step 4: Enabling OS Login

During the VM creation process, enable "OS Login" under the "Identity and API access" section. OS Login streamlines SSH access management by using your Google Cloud identity instead of traditional SSH key management.

Step 5: Setting Up SSH Keys

In the "Security" section of the VM creation form, you can add SSH keys. Click on "Management, security, disks, networking, sole tenancy," and then scroll down to the "Security" section. Here, you can add one or more SSH keys for secure access.

Step 6: Connecting to Your VM via SSH

Once your VM is created, locate it on the Compute Engine dashboard. Click the SSH button next to the VM instance, and a new browser window or terminal window will open, establishing an SSH connection to your VM.

Additional Tips and Commands:

  • To SSH into your VM from the command line, use the following command:

  • To copy files to your VM using SCP, use a command like this:

  • Ensure your firewall rules allow SSH traffic (port 22) to your VM:

    gcloud compute firewall-rules create allow-ssh --allow tcp:22

By following these steps and commands, you can seamlessly set up and manage SSH access to your Google Cloud Platform virtual machines, enhancing the security and efficiency of your cloud infrastructure.

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