Setting up an FTP Server on Ubuntu 22.04

Setting up an FTP Server on Ubuntu 22.04

In the vast landscape of server administration, one fundamental task is setting up a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server. This article will guide you through the process of establishing an FTP server on Ubuntu 22.04, ensuring a seamless and secure method of file sharing. Follow the steps below to empower your Ubuntu system with FTP capabilities.

Step 1: Installing vsftpd

To kickstart the process, open your terminal and install the vsftpd package, which is a lightweight and secure FTP server for Unix-like systems.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install vsftpd

Step 2: Configuring vsftpd

Now that you have the FTP server installed, it's time to configure it. Open the configuration file in a text editor:

sudo nano /etc/vsftpd.conf

Make sure to adjust the following parameters:


Save and exit the editor. This configuration will allow local users to log in, enable write permissions, and restrict users to their home directories.

Step 3: Restarting vsftpd

Once the configuration is updated, restart the vsftpd service for the changes to take effect.

sudo service vsftpd restart

Step 4: Firewall Configuration

If you have a firewall enabled, allow FTP traffic through the firewall.

sudo ufw allow 20/tcp
sudo ufw allow 21/tcp
sudo ufw reload

Step 5: Creating FTP User Accounts

To grant access to your FTP server, create user accounts and set passwords:

sudo adduser ftpuser
sudo passwd ftpuser

Step 6: Testing the FTP Server

To ensure everything is set up correctly, connect to your FTP server using an FTP client. You can use the ftp command in the terminal:

ftp your_server_ip

Enter the FTP username and password when prompted.

More Examples:

Creating a New Directory

Once connected, create a new directory on the server:

mkdir new_directory

Uploading a File

Upload a file from your local machine to the server:

put local_file.txt

Downloading a File

Download a file from the server to your local machine:

get remote_file.txt

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