Setting up Pure-FTPd Server on Linux RHEL 8

Setting up Pure-FTPd Server on Linux RHEL 8

Setting up an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server is a crucial step in facilitating efficient file sharing and management on a Linux server. In this guide, we'll walk through the process of installing and configuring Pure-FTPd Server on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8 system. Pure-FTPd is a lightweight and secure FTP server known for its simplicity and ease of use.


Before we begin, ensure that you have:

  1. A RHEL 8 server with root or sudo access.
  2. A stable internet connection to download the necessary packages.

Step 1: Update System Packages

First, let's make sure your system is up-to-date by running the following commands:

sudo dnf update

Step 2: Install Pure-FTPd

Use the package manager to install Pure-FTPd:

sudo dnf install pure-ftpd

Step 3: Start Pure-FTPd Service

After installation, start the Pure-FTPd service:

sudo systemctl start pure-ftpd

Step 4: Enable Pure-FTPd to Start on Boot

To ensure that Pure-FTPd starts automatically upon system boot, run:

sudo systemctl enable pure-ftpd

Step 5: Firewall Configuration

If you are using a firewall, allow FTP traffic. The default FTP control port is 21:

sudo firewall-cmd --add-service=ftp --permanent
sudo firewall-cmd --reload

Step 6: Create FTP User Accounts

Create FTP user accounts with the pure-pw command. Replace <username> with your desired username:

sudo pure-pw useradd <username> -u ftpuser -d /path/to/directory
sudo pure-pw mkdb

Step 7: Create Virtual Users

Pure-FTPd supports virtual users. Create a virtual user using the following command:

sudo pure-pw useradd <virtual_user> -f /etc/pure-ftpd/pureftpd.passwd -m -u ftpuser -d /path/to/directory
sudo pure-pw mkdb

Step 8: Configure Pure-FTPd

Edit the Pure-FTPd configuration file to customize settings:

sudo nano /etc/pure-ftpd/pure-ftpd.conf

Adjust parameters such as ChrootEveryone and AnonymousOnly to suit your security preferences.

Step 9: Restart Pure-FTPd

After making changes, restart Pure-FTPd for the configurations to take effect:

sudo systemctl restart pure-ftpd

Additional Tips:

  • Logging:
    Pure-FTPd logs are stored in /var/log/pure-ftpd/pure-ftpd.log. Monitor this file for any issues.

  • TLS/SSL Configuration:
    For secure FTP connections, consider configuring TLS/SSL. Refer to the Pure-FTPd documentation for detailed instructions.

Congratulations! You have successfully set up Pure-FTPd Server on your RHEL 8 system. This FTP server provides a reliable and secure file transfer solution for your Linux environment. Customize the configuration further based on your specific requirements.

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